Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The FireWind Nation Theme Song?

Was on Youtube lookin through related video after related video till I came across this band. The name? 


I was like, "What? Someone from that band play EO too or what?"

Maybe they were in my guild from the EO days? Who knows.

Check out the band for yourselves! 

Just wanted to post that seein as though the name is strikingly similar to our EO guild. Even though that was like almost a year ago! 

Maybe I should rekindle the Fire?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

What Have I Been Up To Lately?

Workin. Just got a second job a couple weeks ago at the Cleaners, now my nose is so f***ing irritated every time I pick a booger outta my nose I sneeze blood (yuck!). But at least I'm makin money, and in these troubled times... that's one problem I don't have to worry bout. Well, for now...

Besides that I've been practicin guitar and I just bought this Seymour Duncan Invader pickup for it that I should be pickin up tomorrow. And in about a week I might get a Line6 practice amp off eBay. That should piss off the neighbors xD. Haven't been partyin lately since my car is still bein fixed, but it should be done by this weekend (YES)! After that I'm bout to add some mods to it like tint and a stereo system. Can't wait! 

There's also a couple concerts I'm gonna go to this year, one bein the Mayhem Festival in GA this July (six days before my birthday!), and Metallica is comin to Tampa in October. Should be fun. Oh yeah, I went to the Music As A Weapon concert when they were in Pensacola, but I didn't bring a camera or my phone :( so I couldn't bring back any pics or vids... that sucked. But it was fun as hell. I remember me and my buds goin there stoned and barely able to move when Chimaira opened the show. And by the time Disturbed went on we were all drunk as hell throwin the horns in the sky and droppin our beers from headbangin so hard xD. I think it's on Youtube now. 

But yeah, finally things are lookin up for me. I won't tell ya bout everything I been doin (cuz it don't matter) but I think this year's gonna be a good one for the Thaiger.

Now if I can get that $1300 in probation debt outta the way by November...

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